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Assembly for complex products service

  • ShuangXin Industry Co.Ltd offers assembly capabilities for automotive, energy, consumer, construction and more.

    Customers often come to us with a kind of metal hardware parts, only to discover sophisticated assembly capabilities far beyond a typical job shop. At ShuangXin Industry Co.Ltd, we know that stamped parts are often just one component of a more complex assembly. But rather than source part components from several metal hardware fabricators, and then assembling your completed parts in-house, consider finding a manufacturer that provides several services. ShuangXin Industry Co.Ltd specializes not only in metal stamping complex and highly engineered parts, but also with various kind of metal hardware products with completed produce departments. Working with an automation partner, particularly one with expertise in a number of manufacturing disciplines, yields a number of benefits for your business. Namely, production rates increase while your costs decrease.By consolidating the manufacturing of multiple components of an assembly to one company, you can remove almost all shipping delays and costs from your production process. Additionally, your partner’s automation capabilities will help you to assemble more completed parts at a considerably faster rate than your own standard assembly methods.
Assembly + Inspection
ShuangXin Industry Co.Ltd can produce many kind of metal hardware parts with 100% quality assurance—and dramatically reduce or eliminate the labor cost. These features make ShuangXin Industry Co.Ltd uniquely equipped for automotive, energy, consumer, construction and more other advanced assembly applications.
Even the most considerable time and cost savings from your production process will mean nothing if the goods you receive from your automated assembly partner are not up to your quality standards.
At ShuangXin Industry Co.Ltd, we understand that quality defects, even on a small scale or in a small part, can have serious ramifications across your final product. That is why we worked to develop a unique, fully customized assembly machine with an integrated vision-based inspection.
Assembly Specifications

Assembly Capabilities:

High volume assemblies
Complex mechanical assemblies
Robotic assembly
Complex metal hardware manufacture departments

Industries Served

   Automotive
   Electronicepartments
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